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April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Please take a few minutes to read this newsletter as it contains important information.
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Changes Ahead

Price Increases

Self Assessment 

EasyBooks System Updates
  We are currently in the process up upgrading our internal client
  management and billing systems as well as updating our PC
  software. This will enable our office processes to run smoother and   more efficiently but the transition requires a lot of work.
  You will see a change in the presentation of your invoice from April   onwards and this will transition fully on to the new system over the   coming months.
Please bear with us as we make the changes and if you have any questions about the new layouts please email us at: info@easy-books.com 
Price Increase
Please note that there is a small price increase to the EasyBooks pricing as of 1st April 2016.
Self Assessment at EasyBooks
As the tax year has once again moved on,
the 15/16 Self-Assessment season is now here.
We welcome having your paperwork any-time now please. The earlier we receive it the sooner we can advise you of any tax due and avoid the penalties. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE IT TOO LATE. Help us to deliver our services to you efficiently.
If we don’t currently complete your Self-Assessment for you, remember that here at EasyBooks we can ease that stress and sort through all that paperwork making sure nothing has been missed. So why not bring it all in to us now. Let EasyBooks carry your Self-Assessment burdens! 
You can contact us for further information here at: info@easy-books.com
  • Posted by EasyBooks
  • On 3rd May 2016